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Youpyter generates interactive websites synchronized with YouTube videos from particular Jupyter notebooks. It converts markdown cells to static html and code cells to SageCellswhich can be edited and evaluated online

Notebooks to be processed by this site must have the embed code of one YouTube video in the first cell.

A markdown cell will be synchronized to be shown directly below the video at time mm:ss if it has an html comment like

<!-- Section: Some Title Time: mm:ss -->
as its first line.

A stylesheet custom.cssand Javascript file custom.jsin the same directory as the output html file can be used to improve the output.

WARNING:This system does not sanitize code. Therefore you should only use it to convert Jupyter notebooks you trust! Use at your own risk!

Note:There may be slight differences between the environment used to develop a Jupyter notebook and the environment used by this site, which may require adaptations in the notebook. While html may be used inside markdown, markdown syntax must not be used between html tags. In case of formatting problems it is worth trying to separate the respective paragraph from the rest of the markdown cell by blank lines. Formulas should respect the compatibility rules of KaTeX.

Disclaimer:The owner of this site does not claim any rights in nor take responsibility for pages generated by this service.